Thanks for everything! we appreciate all of your hard work, here's a little something. Please take your adorable wife to dinner on us.     The Lewis'


Century Painting and Sons-

     I had the crew in my home and found them to be polite, gentlemanly, neat and clean. Very careful with our belongings. Their work was very good! I am more than happy with our contract.     Mr. and Mrs. Karvel


Dear David Ruttenberg (Mark's Father)

     On Monday morning, Mark's crew arrived by 8:00 a.m. to begin the project of painting the exterior of our home. Chuck met with them outside while I was busy in the house. When I looked out the window and saw them standing on our deck I thought " Wow, this crew is really young. I certainly hope they know what they are doing!" Truth be told I was a little nervous-but not for long!!!

     Mark, Veronika and Matt have done a superlative job in every way! Their goal was always to do the work thoroughly and correctly. Mark explained to us that they had investigated different products and procedures to determine what works well and what does not. It was obvious that the crew put their findings into practice. They were always extremely punctual, courteous, thorough and careful. They have developed a very strategic system to working together on one section of the house at a time. They painted and stained everything meticulously. The work site was always kept neat. At the end of each day all of their materials were neatly stacked into the garage. Now our home looks fabulous! this was undoubtedly the best paint job we have ever had in the twenty-three years we have lived here! You should be extremely proud of your family and the team!!!

     We are very satisfied with the work you have done for us. We will not hesitate to recommend Mark's team to anyone. When we need painting done in the future, we will not hesitate to call again. Thanks for a job well done.     The. Gustin residence


Century provided the quality workmanship we were looking for with the affordable budget we set aside. Along with your excellence in this we appreciated there pleasant attitudes and willingness to serve us well.     The McCormicks.


   I am quite pleased with the quality of the workmanship. I also thank you for your flexibility and your accommodations on the slow delivery of the shutters.     Mrs. Harvey


   Thanks for the excellent job you guys did on my house. Your team will be highly recommended. Thanks!     Mr. Macaluso