Interior Pictures

Interior work

  • dry wall preparation/ repair
  • sanding drywall prior to painting
  • staining: stain windows, stain doors, stain trim, stain ceilings, stain cabinets, stain walls
  • painting: paint  ceilings, paint walls, paint trim, paint doors, paint windows,  paint cabinets, paint floors
  • Faux finishes
  • design work/ custom colors
  • dry wall replacement
  • carpentry, crown, chair rail, basic trim 
  • wall paper removal, wall paper  installation


    Most of our customer's do the basic white ceiling with colored walls with maybe an occasional accented wall. However, some times we have a request to do sporting event themes, bubbles rising into the clouds or even space themes. Whatever you have envisioned we can paint it. If you would like our opinion on color contrasting or choosing colors we would love to share our input. If you desire even more help choosing colors, we can have our interior designer contact you to assist you with your decision.

    The approach we do on interior projects is to typically start a couple areas at once. This allows proper dry time and progress to be achieved daily, without having to disrupt the entire household by taking every room apart at once. Which would inconvenience the homeowner and of course wouldn't be acceptable for our company to do so. When we finish a given area we thoroughly clean and reassemble the room to how we entered the room prior to starting our work. Once the area completed is clean and reassembled  with the customer inspection completed and passed. We then will start working on another part of the project. We take this approach so we ensure we do not disturb your home or take up the entire living area.

    When we complete all of the contracted work on your interior. We assure your walls will be beautiful, uniform, shinny, no dings or dents and a colorful appearance. Our strategic preparation, patching, sanding, priming and painting ensures the quality your looking for. We will have you inspect the areas completed for concerns or complaints and if issues are found we will address the issues to the customer's satisfaction. Our goal is to complete our work the correct way and have a more than satisfied customer with a beautiful home at the end of the project.

    Interior projects are another specialty our company specializes in. We have a list of skills that we are able to use to create a beautiful appearance in your home. On the right of the page are some examples of work we typically engage.  We do however, go above and beyond these items if a project calls for a different approach. Please take a look at some of our favorite projects that are being previewed above.