Exterior Work

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    Doing exteriors are a big project to do. Not only can climbing  be dangerous and difficult but performing the proper work is difficult as well. This is only 1 reason why we are fully insured. Without the proper work being done and the correct materials, the time and effort put forth will be a waste of time.

                                                   In the near future the project is bound to fail due to improper preparation, improper application or improper materials being used. Remember that when doing exterior projects, it is key to protect all areas against all elements! Who better to protect your home against the elements than our professional painters? With that stress being enough, who would want to deal with a stressful, messy, time consuming cleanup? When the painting work is preformed incorrectly and does fail, for a professional company to come out and correct the errors will be more expensive than it would have been to have the professionals out the first time.  Remember, the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of the lowest price is forgotten.

     As we state in our painting and staining specifications, we take our time and diligently prepare one area at a time to accept paint. We also use the correct materials for priming to ensure protection against the elements.  We caulk and oil prime the areas that need attention to assure protection in the future. Without having great prep work, you won't have a great result that provides great beauty and great long lasting protection.

     Clean up on the job site is done daily. We will rake up paint chips and pick up failed caulk beads. However, some small fragments of paint may remain but will biodegrade with given time. We will neatly stack our tools and materials away in the garage overnight until we continue the project the next day.