Painting & Staining Specifications


1.     General Information:

        A. Century Painting and Sons will provide all services, paint, tools, equipment and other items needed to undertake and complete the work contracted.

        B. Clean up is included, however, occasionally some small chips may remain.

        C. Century Painting and Sons is fully insured with Worker's compensation, General Public Liability and Property Damage, underwritten by State Farm Insurance. Our certificate will be mailed upon request, naming you and the work site as the insured. BE AWARE! Some contractor do not carry insurance or use photo copies (altering the dates to appear insured.) If they are not covered you could be liable.

        D. We have been long term members in good standing of the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA) who has established guidelines for preparation and application. We are also long term members in good standing with the Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau (BBB), and have an "A" rating on consumer driven evaluation lists.


2.     Our Guarantee:

       A. Century Painting and Sons hereby guarantees all work provide under this contract for a period of two years, against any defects from workmanship. If any work is found to be caused by poor workmanship or improper application of coating, caulks or adhesives during our warranty period, all labor to correct the problem will be done without charge.

        B. Century Painting and Sons  typically applies wall and trim paints or stains by brush or roller. on rare occasions we may apply materials with an airless spray system to provide a different type of finish. 

        C. If you experience any concerns about our work during or after the warranty period, we will return to inspect such work at no charge to you. 

 Century Painting and Sons Specifications