3.     Color Selection:

        A. All colors shall be selected by the Property Owner/Agent. You can visit any local paint store for selections of paint chips or if you prefer we can submit a sample color deck with over 1,500 color selections. Interior walls receive two finishing coats of paint. Ceilings and trim typically cover in 1 coat. Should a 2nd be necessary (I.E. color change, poor coverage) an additional charge will apply, and be discussed prior to starting that work. Exterior surfaces receive two finishing coats on bare areas for consistency and to help fill in alligatoring areas unless otherwise specified in the body of the proposal.

        B. Our standard proposal is based on one color and one finish. We would be glad to quote for CUSTOM work, involving multiple colors or finishes, which will be detailed in the body of our proposal.

        C. After making your color selection, please call us to inform us of your color choice(s). Once your color decision is made, it will be mixed at the paint store using their computerized color-matching system. Unfortunately, custom colors can not be returned.

4.     Materials:

        A. We use only the finest quality and time tested brand name materials. When caulking exterior areas we use a 35 year, silicone acrylic latex caulk. In regard to paint, some of the brands that consistently rank high in our experience include the following but not limited to: Benjamin Moore- Maxum- Muralo- Dulux- Cabots- Sherwin Williams. 

        These brands have proven to give excellent results, compared to the lesser priced and lesser quality paints or stains available. Each brand has special characteristics and the final decision with be contingent upon the given circumstance and conditions of an individual's home.

        B. All materials shall be delivered to the job site with labels intact and used in strict accordance with the manufacture's directions.

        C. Some finishes due to unusually high costs will result in an additional charge.

        D. Extreme color changes may require priming or additional coats which could result in an additional cost, and would be brought to your attention prior to doing that work.


* Guarantee applies only to labor and materials supplied by us. We can not be responsible for replacement of defective paints or wall coverings supplied by the customer. Also, Century Painting and Sons will not be responsible for work and/or materials done by other contractors/builders, unless specifically requested to make corrections. Guarantee does not include new nail pops, damage or stress cracks that appear after thirty days of the projects completion. Guarantee excludes peeling of prior coatings or adhesives, as well as failure due to cracking, cupping, splitting, warping, moisture problems of rotting wood.


 Specifications Continued