9.     Recommendations:

        A. We recommend using paint with an eggshell finish on interior walls. On exterior trim work, we recommend using a satin finish. This provides the wash ability and durability that a totally flat finish does not.

        B. If the color selection of a client is extremely light (no strength) or extremely dark (excessive tint) there may be a need to consider applying another coat of paint for complete coverage. If an additional coat is recommended, it will be discussed with the customer prior to application.

        C. Reputable contractors will encourage the use of a written contract. This contract should clearly explain the scope of the work to be performed. It should also cover such items as surfaces to be painted, methods, extent of surface preparation and payment procedures. Knowing the total scope of the work enables you to carefully evaluate the different bids you may receive with the proper information and keep them on a level playing field. The contract serves to protect both you and the contractor.


10.     Terms of Payment:

        A.  Upon selecting Century Painting and Sons to complete the project proposed, it is our policy to require one-third of the contracted amount as a good faith deposit.

        B. In the rare event that we are unable to complete the project due to weather, illness, death etc.. for a period of time we may then require at our discretion that the work completed thus far would be paid (pro-rated) leaving a lesser balance after final completion. 

        C. The contractor shall not be responsible for any errors, inconsistencies or omissions in the agreement documents. The contractor shall be permitted time extensions and shall be compensated for delays and additional costs including overhead and profit associated with remedying such errors, inconsistencies or omissions are required

        D. Credit cards are accepted however we do add a processing fee of 3% due to additional paperwork required.

        E. In the event a project calls for progressive payments and they are not made Century may pull out of the project until payment is made and the customer would incur an additional fee for break down and setting up again to resume the project.

        F. When an addition to the project occurs it is our policy to require full payment  on that extra portion of the project. A work authorization will be created for your approval. If you are at work we may request you to fax a preliminary authorization to our office.

        G. Final payment of the balance due is excepted at the time the work is completed.  Our guarantee is valid for two years after the date of completion, upon full payment.

        H. All unpaid balances shall accrue interest at the rate of one and one-half percent (1.5%) per month. Payable from the due date. The customer shall be liable for all court costs, reasonable attorney fees and expenses in the event of default in payment. Additionally, a fee of $500 will be added after the account is one week past due. Interest shall apply to this amount as well. 




 Specifications Continued