L. When preparing/ cleaning a deck for a new application we may uncover a previously undetectable problem and it may become necessary to strip/prime the surface at an additional cost.


6.     Wallpaper Removal:

        A. We will mix a specially formulate wallpaper remover with hot water.

        B. The mixture will be fan sprayed on the walls to soak the paper.

        C. The top layer of paper will be stripped.

        D. Walls will be sprayed again soaking the backing to be stripped

        E. Glue will be removed with a specially formulated glue remover.

        F. Walls will be washed with warm water to remove remaining residue.

        G. Walls will receive a final rinse.

        H. Walls will be patched, sanded and primed as necessary to properly prepare the surface to accept paint or new paper.

         I. Normal patching is included in the estimate of the job. In the unforeseen event that walls were not previously sized, or have multiple layers of paper, an additional charge may result, which would be discussed prior to doing the additional work.


7.     Wood Repair/Replacement:

        A. Any surface on a home, in which soft or rotten wood becomes apparent, shall be brought to the customer's attention for consideration of repair or replacement, prior to doing the work. We can not however, be held responsible for any unforeseen future rotting beneath wooden surfaces.

        B. During the course of wood replacement some wiring maybe buried and accidentally cut due to the fact of us being unable to see it. We can not except responsibility if the home owner does not make us aware of the wire and it can not be seen prior to us commencing with the wood replacement.


8.     Extras:

        A. Any extra work or material desired by the customer or which becomes necessary shall be agreed upon either verbally or by written agreement (if possible).

        B. Stopping the project due to the customers request or negligence will result in the customer being charged a rate of $12.50 per man per quarter hour.

        C. It is requested that the customer moves small fragile items. In the event we are required to move these items an additional charge will occur to keep the project moving as opposed to stopping your project which would be a greater expense to our customer. (Century will move all heavy items such as couches and beds.

        D. Failure to discuss extra necessary repairs of replacement to keep the job moving shall not preclude recovery of same (example: unable to reach homeowner at work or need to move fragile items which shall stop/slow the project).

        E. An additional charge may occur when unforeseen repairs arise ( I.E. Needing to secure a surface or surface begins to fail while working on it) due to previously improperly installed/prepared surface. If a charge would apply it would be based upon how much time and material would be needed to correct the situation.

        F. When an addition occurs, our policy requires full payment of the extra portion of the project. A work authorization will be prepared for your approval. If you're at work we may request you to fax a preliminary authorization to our office.




 Specifications Continued