5.     Application/ Preparation of Surfaces.

        Proper surface preparation is the key to the longest lasting and best appearing paint jobs! We know the value of preparation and do it right! We take all the precautions to cover and protect all furniture, flooring and unpainted areas to protect from preparation debris, paint, ladders, or scaffolding.

        Application: All painting is done meticulously by professional painters, who are neat, quality conscious and courteous. Our craftsman know their products and how to apply them to achieve the best results.

        A. Occasionally when installing joint tape, we find drywall needs to be secured to the studs which does result in a slight additional charge. In the event the tape is not properly installed it will fail within one week. If the tape fails within this time due to improper installation, we of course will correct the problem. All walls and ceilings will be patched and sanded where necessary. In general, we will automatically patch dents, dings and nail pops on walls and ceilings.  Walls or ceilings requiring extensive repair (I.E. securing walls or ceilings) may result in an additional charge, which will be discussed prior to doing the work. We do not routinely patch little imperfections that are than 05 cm, or builders imperfections. Usually the paint itself will adequately fill in the little dings or drywall imperfections.

        B. Trim that is painted or stained will be sanded and spot caulked as necessary.

        C. Any patched area will be spot primed prior to painting.

        D. Sanding is done on an as necessary basis. It is necessary to sand surfaces which have torn wood or an existing glossy surface to allow for proper adhesion of new paint. This is considered normal surface preparation and included in our estimate of the project.

        E. Areas with paint scaling or blistering are routinely scrapped or wire brushed to remove loose paint.  Then we use a carbide blade to shave the area to smooth the transition of the old paint to the new paint. Upon customer's request,  we can quote for corrective measures of severely alligatored surfaces resulting from excessive paint build up. Any area where bare wood is exposed and is to be painted will be spot primed prior to being painted.

        F. Caulking will be done as necessary around the areas to be painted.

        G. Knot holes, rabbits and any area showing sap will be sealed and primed.

        H. all protruding nails shall be removed or re-nailed to create a tightly sealed surface. In some cases it may be necessary to screw (re-secure) a larger area resulting in some additional costs.

         I. Any wood areas showing dirt, mildew or other foreign substances, will be washed with a chemical cleanser and sealed with an appropriate product.

         J. Any wood surface that is found to be rotting will be brought to the customer's attention for replacement or repair, rather then just painting through it.

        K.  Spot priming is included in all projects.

        L. Clean up is done on a daily basis.

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