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 move all small and fragile items. We also ask that they please move any food items that are not in a closed container. If the item is in a closed container were able to place a plastic covering over the top of the counter space protecting the belongings or food items from dust. This helps us contain the dust and makes clean up easier.

     Although we take many precautions to protect belongings from dust, there may still be a small amount of dust in the working area. At the end of the day we will vacuum and dust off the counter tops of remaining dust. When we finish the prep work in a designated area ( the messy work) we then will vacuum the floor and mop the floor.

     The materials we use on commercial projects is the same material we use on our residential projects. We believe in the products we use. They are time tested and proven to be the highest of quality.  This is why we continue to use these products. If the customer has a request that we use a different material we have no problem working with another brand.


     Commercial Projects are another type of project that our company is able to service. Whether the project is big or small we will come out to the project site, upon request and give you a free estimate! We take as much pride in our commercial projects as we do with residential projects. Even though a commercial project isn't a home, you spend about 40 hours a week in that environment and deserve a beautiful appearance to work in.  

     Although some areas may be a high climbing project, this is not a problem. We have a range of extension ladders that allows us the ability to complete those high areas of any given project. If a project has a climb higher than our ladders in some cases we may provide a lift to reach a designated area. With us using a lift it insures additional security and safety to our climbers.

     The procedure we do on a commercial project is to focus on one big area or two small areas at a time. We will tailor your project to your specific needs and requests. This allows a productive day of work and allows proper dry time for your materials while keeping progress moving. We take all precautions on containing our dust. If need be we are able to create plastic walls from the ceiling to the floor to help control the dust from floating into other occupied areas.

     The customer aspect of preparation is the same as a residential interior. We simply ask that the office manager