We are a fully insured company! We are also in good standings and have a great rating with Angie's List and Better Business  Bureau. Being the 4th generation business owner of Century Painting, I have more pride in my work  than most other company's would have in their work. We use the skills and similar products that my great Grandfather ,my Grandfather and my Father used. This ensures that the projects life is durable and will look new for as long as possible. This system has been working for over a century and will probably last another century.

      I run the estimates myself, run the projects and the painters myself insuring the standards of quality craftsmanship exceeds our customer's expectations,  leaving your project looking beautiful and looking new. Another benefit of being a family owned and operated business, we can always ensure high quality craftsmanship, professionalism, a courteous crew and top products in every project. Of course, our final result is having a happy customer and a clean, crisp  house at the end of the project. 

     We are not just sending some random employees over to your home to represent our company, name and reputation, we are sending our family members to give tender loving care to your home and project needs. We trust our employees and know that they are capable of achieving this goal set because we trained them to accomplish the goal in the correct way. We know that the work is correct and won't fail in the near future because I am on site monitoring everything insuring correct procedure. This is why we have our guarantee.  


About Our Company


     We try to preform our work at a good pace  but refuse to rush your project to simply move onto the next project. Good things take time and can't be rushed. One small example in regards to interior work is allowing correct dry times. Some projects especially with deep patching, need more dry time than other projects with not so deep patching. If the proper time is not allowed the patch will fail and be unacceptable to our company's standards. Our company believes in doing things the correct way or not doing it at all. A good name is more desirable than great riches.         Prov. 22:1